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Hi Croton Lovers;

We have offered you with new and available varieties with special price. All varieties are grown in Thailand by special breeders here. Our Crotons won many awards on contest last month here. You can see them by clicking the VDO on the left side. Please enjoy ...
Here are some of our Croton Photos won the contest, Thai Ornamental Plants Exhibition.
Winning Croton
Croton Contest
Croton Contest
Croton Croton Croton Croton
Some of New 2011 Croton Varieties
Croton Croton Croton Croton
Croton Croton Croton Croton
Croton New Variety
Here is our new croton variety with Dwarf Leaves.
Leaves are round shape, very shiny and attractive with many fresh colors : Green, Orange, Yellow.

Leaves are also very productive and nice with layer structure. Release Now!!!
New Croton Hybrid
Croton Siam Ear Rings
Croton VDO Contest
You will get to know many nice Thai Croton varities here by watching this VDO on the left side by just clicking this image. This VDO presents Croton Contest, Thailand on Sep 2008. Contest's rule is categorized by leave types, size, color and form.

Please feel free to ask us if you have comment or questions via email :
Please click "PLAY" button to watch this new variety VDO and also others more.
Siam Croton
Croton (Codiaeum)

The Croton plant comes in many shapes and colors from yellow, orange, red, green and purple-red. New leaves on the Croton plant are green and change color as the they mature. Crotons are a great plant for adding color in whether it is a dish garden, on your porch or in your landscaping. Siam Croton produces many colors and varieties of Croton plants from 3” pots to 10”pots.

In Thai language , we call them “ Go-son’ , deviated from a 100 year old name  “Gro-Tron” which was obviously derived from Croton.
Croton - Winning Contest
Croton Catalogue
The attractiveness of Croton from Thailand
Though crotons are renowned in  amazing capability to produce various leaf types ie. shapes, colors and patterns , Thai people always prefer round leaf croton to any other leaf forms. Hence the ultimate goal for Thai hybridizers is to create a new hybrid bearing   largest and most colorful round leaf Croton. Other leaf forms of Thai hybrids are spiral , interrupted (intermittently missing leaf blade) , recurved leaf - leaves curl back on themselves , or amazingly mix of all leaf types .  Western hybrids with such leaf types as broad leaf  , Oak leaf , narrow leaf etc. seem tasteless for Thai enthusiasts.

The trend of Thai Croton hybrids at this moment is shifting from simple round leaf to complex leaf Croton . However , the constancy is a must . That means if a new hybrids produce 2 round leaves and then 1 spiral leaf , this sequence must be sustainable
Thai Croton
Croton with big size and bunch form
Examples of Croton Leaves's Classifications